... "Her work is sending a very clear message to us: "What you see here is sacred, the most primordial and absolute demonstration of love. My fingers photograph 'truth' so you don't forget about it."


Alma Mater: 'nurturing mother', mothers who nourish, in the broadest sense of the word. A fabulous photograph collection 'enriched' by Hera's drops of milk, by all those 'Heras' who have generously shared their privacy and allowed Sanz's lens to enter this 'gynoecium'.

They are mothers; it is universal love" ...


Extract from the essay written by Verónica Serrada, she is a writer and mother. She appears next to Coen in Alma Mater. You can read it in: About the Art Work section


ALMA MATER has become an international project, know more HERE