This project is made up of a series of photographs taken in the space where I did the Vision Quest (Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan) on the island of Ibiza in October 2015, directed by María Valdivia. Thanks to her, to the people with whom I shared the mountain, to the mountain of Morna for its comfortable slope, to the other people who were supporting me down in the camp. And thanks to myself, for being capable.



I voluntarily climbed a mountain and stayed there in isolation for a period of 4 days, without food and drink, wearing only warm clothes and sleeping necessities. I felt in total harmony with the nature around me. There was no magic or visions, or was there: the sight of the starry sky, the plants and bushes around me, the big trees, the birds flying... I enjoyed the colour of the leaves that changed according to the light and the time of day, the smell of the earth, the song of the birds, the sound of the wind, the darkness of the night, the sunrise.


I heard my heart beating, I felt my breathing incessant. I was alive and present as I believe animals are. At times, my mind was on fire and at other times it calmed down like a frozen lake. My great fear was thirst; I thought I could not bear it. Once there, I saw that this fear was only my imagination; my thirst was a constant but subtle sensation and very easy to bear. I don't remember being thirsty or hungry.


Being alone and in silence didn't bother me; four days is a long time and I enjoyed it. I felt like one more in that ecosystem.


Surrender. Silence is important, stillness is important, to know oneself.


When I came down from that mountain, I wasn't carrying anything I didn't already have.