Vision Seekers voluntarily choose to climb a mountain and remain isolated for a period of 4 days, without food and drink. They carry only warm clothing and the essentials for rest.


My interest in capturing their experience led me to photograph them both before the ascent and on their way down the mountain. I chose to dispense with aesthetic elements that might provide additional information, focusing instead on the psychological aspect. The frontal portraits, softly lit, seek to highlight the subtle expression of their gestures and gazes.


Over this four-day period, the intensity of the experience significantly transforms the lives of these people. Although the physical change may not be extreme, the captivating subtlety of their gestures and gazes motivated my choice to photograph them.


The Red Road Vision Quest has its roots in the tradition of the Lakota Indians of North America. These images were captured in Ibiza in 2014, during the first cycle of celebration of the Vision Quest - Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, led by Maria Valdivia.