The Visión Questers voluntarily decide to climb a mountain and stay there isolated for a period of four days, without food or drink. They only carry warm clothes and what is needed for sleeping.


I was interested to capture their experience photographing them before getting on and off  of the mountain. I preferred to do it without aesthetic elements that may give extra information and thus focus on the psychological aspect, frontal portraits with soft lighting.  


In this 4-day period , the intensity of the experience will transform the lives of these people. Physically, the change may not be extreme but the subtlety of their gestures, and eyes is what captivated me to photograph them.  


The Vision Quest of the Red Road comes from the Lakota Indians of North America. The place where I did these images is Ibiza, in the first year of holding the Vision Quest - Itzachilatlan Sacred Fire , directed by Maria Valdivia.