“To make a photography workshop results gratifying, modern and up to date. Doing it with Isa Sanz is much more than that. Her vision, her way of teaching turns your camera into a demanding camera, a poetic camera.


Isa manages, very sweetly to accelerate the learning process showing us an extraordinary rich and variated world of images. She does so well, that we wish to be as soon as possible to the standard of those great artists that we experience in the preliminary introductions.


When practice comes, I surrender with deep respect seeing how she brings to us all her knowledge without any selfishness.


I have taken so much advantage in each class of their courses, that from my camera came images never imagined.


Working with Isa Sanz has led me to think that someday I can be a photographer. And ... who better could give me a course! "


Antonia Maxwell, artista. Ibiza.