... "Of the many shows at the Festival I do highlight two poetic moments. In the morning, next to the Pajarería, in the Park Campo Grande a cellist plays for a ceremony of love, a ritual with the circle of earth, five girls dressed in red surround the chosen one and cover her with flower petals. She arrives naked, walks through space, lies down in the circle and then writes the word "love." Apart from the theater people, there is many of the usual public at Campo Grande, including children. Nudity is accepted naturally. One more proof to show us that impurity is in the intention of the eyes that look at. Simple and natural, an act of love "... FERNANDO HERRERO, columnist for performing arts on "I bleed, but do not die" at the International Festival TAC 2010, Valladolid, Spain.


Directed by Isa Sanz


Sinopsis: Is a performance of alchemy through menstrual blood perceived here as the essence of feminity, as a cyclical element container of live-death-live in itself. Organic instrumental live sounds, 7 women, earth ans sacred circle that will make the audience to connect with the beauty and power of female energies. In the world we live, the subversion is now is Love.


Length: aprox 15'

Next images documenting the performance at the International Festival of Theatre and Street Arts, 2010, Valladolid, Spain.  By the photographer DANI MANTIS.