“Isa Sanz has explored the Open Wound in her art forms. She has endeavored to expand our consciousness into a very private world that has been mostly overlooked, shunned, or even ridiculed throughout history. She has opened my eyes to a natural word that has no boundaries in our lives and in the Cosmos.” 

Charles Plymell, beatnik poet, USA.


"Isa, this country is a little insane about sex (and many other things). U.S. kulture would see oyour work as pornographic. I see it as mysterious, religious, yes erotic. As a religious belief, it might unlock the destiny of mankind. Since recorded history, we've had 50,000 plus wars. There must be some deeper reason for blood-thirst than just belief and geography and plunder. But why do men do this? There is even a kind of erotism (thrill) in Nazism that Wilhem Reich was investigating. His books were burned in the U.S. Is there a fear upon coming out of the womb that haunts us pyschologically until we kill to end our own fear? A fear of the unknown? I think a world where the men could be baptised by the blood of the womb between the woman's legs might eventually assuage that deep fear and make loving creatures out of men instead of having the deeper instinct to kill. Put my face between your legs the next time the moon burns it's message to the earth. Blood without violence.I will be your first convert."

Charles Plymell, beatnik poet, USA.


"Your work tackles the contradiction of the stylised concepts of the 'nude' and 'beauty' at the same time underlining the animality of female-ness. Your pictures are also meditative (to me anyway) and are about how women are caught up with the rhythms of life and death and so are more understanding of bigger issues threatening humankind." 

Alexis Hunter, feminist artist, UK.


“All true artists make themselves vulnerable in some way, but Isa Sanz more than others. I appreciate the power and courage of her work.”  

Christopher Shillock, poet, lyricist, radical philosopher, USA.


“... Finding your work was a true joy, your art is a giant step towards the opening up of human consciousness... Your series will be shown to my daughter 11 yrs old who has started her menstruation within this year, I want her to see the beauty and positivity you bring to this subject that is still shockingly missing/hidden from society to this day, they fear our power... Abrahadabra and Thankyou” 

Jane Radion Newton. Multimedia Artist./Member of Clock DVA. 



ON "I BLEED, BUT DO NOT DIE" PERFORMANCE at the International Festival TAC 2010, Valladolid, Spain. 


"Of the many shows at the Festival I do highlight two poetic moments. In the morning, next to the Pajarería, in the Park Campo Grande a cellist plays for a ceremony of love, a ritual with the circle of earth, five girls dressed in red surround the chosen one and cover her with flower petals. She arrives naked, walks through space, lies down in the circle and then writes the word "love." Apart from the theater people, there is many of the usual public at Campo Grande, including children. Nudity is accepted naturally. One more proof to show us that impurity is in the intention of the eyes that look at. Simple and natural, an act of love ".

Fernando Herrero. Cultural critic.



ON "VISION-EMOTION-BODY" PERFORMANCE ART, at the International Festival TAC 2010, Valladolid, Spain.


"Sincere and generous gaze, only for explorers of the soul, an emotional meeting beyond all rules with an absolute beauty." 

liberto Velasco". Actor. 


"It is very easy to remove a body of its clothes, to confront to the others as we are. To expose our human packaging can be done in an act of disinhibition. The truly difficult is to undress a look, to remove all the existing barriers to hide our inside... Isa Sanz gave me her clean gaze, her peace and serenity. A unique gift without cellophane or wrapping paper. "Vision-emotion-body" is the courage of an artist who lets us look inside her emotional inside." 

 Isaac Bravo. Actor.

"A daughter of the moon
a warrior with a clear and direct gaze
not defiant
but full of love
and of being,
inviting you to let the masks falling..."

Alicia Sanz. Actress.

"Exchange of glances, innocence, smile that lights up, eyes, sensitivity, beauty, fear of the unknown, willing to embrace and be embraced, mystery of the feminine ". 

CDM. Designer .

"The nudity of the soul, the most difficult nackedness. The peace we need is found in that pure gaze, sincere and full of love that gives to us Isa Sanz, it brings us back to the beginning, to the purity, to the childhood. The nudity shown to the audience as something clean and the woman as something more than a pornographic subject, under domain or procreative. The woman at its essence, the purity, the transparent love, the real power which is so feared. Isa Sanz gave herself to us and we were not the same when we left." 

Alicia Vizán. Actress.